Dream Weaver Hypnosis

Welcome to Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis 

A Dream Weaver Hypnosis Show by Randy Buker is a sure bet when quality entertainment is required for your event

A hypnosis show is an audience participation event. Imagine seeing your friends or co-workers on stage speaking Martian as their primary language or dancing to Lady Gaga's latest hits! This event will not only leave the audience in tears of laughter but will make memories they will talk about for years to come. The most common comment heard after the show is, "My cheeks hurt from laughing!" When you book a Dream Weaver Hypnosis Show, you become the person who made it happen!

Randy's shows are easy to book and he has the experience to make your end of the process simple and fast. 

Randy is a professional in every aspect of his business. He has trained with some of the biggest names in Stage Hypnosis from Las Vegas to the Caribbean! He's fully insured by a company that extends coverage to YOU as added protection. (He has never had a claim) His shows are respectful and are family friendly. He realizes that humor doesn't have to be blue to be funny. You can feel comfortable bringing your kids or your grandmother to his shows. The volunteers who come up on stage are the stars of the show. Randy knows that and treats them as such. No one ever leaves the stage feeling embarrassed. Randy was also a clinical hypnotist with a broad background in the mental health field. His volunteers are always in his very safe and considerate care.

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