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Merry Christmas!

‚ÄčI wish each and every one of you a magical and blessed Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year!

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There are peak seasons for a stage hypnotist.  They include spring high school prom and grad party season, summer fair season, fall college season and winter corporate Christmas party season.  Of course fundraisers, conventions and conferences are scattered about throughout the year. One sad reality is that most folks don't know how to sh...

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What the heck is hypnosis, anyway?

What the heck is hypnosis, anyway? The only exposure many folks have to hypnosis is what they see on television and in the movies.  Let me assure you, nothing could be farther from the truth.  On television and in the movies, a hypnotist, usually an evil one, takes control of peoples' minds and makes them do things!  Well, let me ass...

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How to Hire a Hypnotist for Your Christmas Party!


Your Company Christmas Party Success By Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnotist, Randy Buker This is the time of year when Event Planners, HR Departments and Employee Committees get together to plan the annual Company Christmas Party. Knowing what to do can be a real challenge.  Depending on your group, a DJ or band will be a nice touch following dinner...

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