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Randy Buker

What Dream Weaver
Comedy Hypnosis Show
can do for your group!

Would you like to ensure that your event is successful?

Do you want a show that will leave your audience amazed? 

Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Shows do just that!

Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Shows
are comical and crowd approved.

Audiences have the best time and laugh until their sides hurt.

Randy Buker is a master of hypnosis and leads the show’s volunteers into a deep and relaxing state of hypnosis. 

Because of the trust level he builds with his volunteers, they feel comfortable letting go of their inhibitions and they report having the time of their lives while on stage with Randy.


Take a look at some live performances and see for yourself!

The Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Shows are appropriate for any audience. 
From high school students to corporate executives, Randy customizes the show to meet the needs of the event and the sponsor. 


Trust the fact that hosting a
Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Show
will be well received by any audience.

Interested? or want to know more about hypnotism or the Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Show?

Click HERE to learn how you can contact us!


Common venues for Hypnosis Shows:

  • Post prom parties
  • Safe and Sober Grad parties
  • Fund raisers of all sorts
  • Community events
  • Any time you need quality entertainment!

  • Company Christmas parties
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Birthday parties
  • Conference entertainment